Top 50 Local Business Listing Directories in New Zealand

Business listings or citations play a key role in increasing your local search visibility. Therefore, doing business listings of websites are important. So, we at curated a list of top local business listing directories in New Zealand to help you dominate your business.

Without any further ado, here is the list of top local citation sources you should try out in New Zealand:

The Definition a Citation –

A citation is nothing but any mention of your business on the web. It may include your company name, contact details like your phone number, physical address, email, zip or postal code. Remember, it may or may not require your website URL.

The Type of Citations –

Generally, there are two types of citations – Structured Citations and Unstructured Citations.

Structured Citations –

Structured citations are like the one we’ve discussed here – a business directory.

Unstructured Citations –

Unstructured citations can be any mention of your business that includes the above details. For example, it can be a news article, a press release, a blog post, etc.

Want to Build Own Citations –

Want to get your business ahead on local Google searches in New Zealand? It’s time to get started with the reliable New Zealand business directory site – Start building your own citations with us today.


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